Learn how to grow your business as a service driven leader

Discover the power of service to transform your organizational culture and your bottom line! Change the face of your business or organization, accelerate its performance and ensure its enduring success. As a leader you want to make those around you better.

Every day, Donald Clinebell helps businesses and organizations: Become standouts in the local community; Create a culture of engagement where employees and team members look forward to coming to work; Discover how doing the right thing can mean good business and increased profit.

Introducing: The Service Driven Leadership Seminar

Whether you own or partner in a professional service, lead a small business, run a major corporation or head a non-profit organization, being a service-driven leader makes good bottom line sense. This power-packed, half-day seminar will show you how.

Attendees will receive a copy of The Service Driven Leader Workbook. Donald Clinebell’s latest book, The Service Driven Leader, is available in print through the website and through Amazon.com.

Learn more about the Seminar!

Customized Seminar

Donald Clinebell is Founder and President of The Service Driven Institute. He is a distinguished author, powerful speaker and facilitator, a renowned business and personal coach.

What can you expect if you engage Donald for a customized seminar?

  1. First, Donald will visit your business/organization, meet with its leaders and key team members.
  2. Second, Donald will assemble in short order a seminar that will be most effective in moving your people and your bottom line forward.
  3. Third, through Donald’s speaking, coaching, and through break-out sessions for important team leaders

You and your team will experience new productivity, new engagement at work, new energy and passion. You will walk away with 6 keys to success as a service driven leader — keys that can revolutionize your business/organization in much the same way that embracing the power of service has transformed a multitude of individual lives. As part of the customized seminar, Donald will return to your business offices for at least one half-day follow-up session with you and your team, a month or so after the customized seminar.


If you prefer, Donald can be booked for one-on-one business leader coaching. If you’d like to pursue that, feel free to contact Donald for a free of charge initial face to face meeting with Donald — so that Donald can get to know about you and your business/organization and your goals and needs. From there, Donald will work with you to develop a strategy and specific plan to move you and your business/organization forward.

Embrace the heart of service in the way that fits you best:

Our books show life through the power of service, living the extraordinary, and service through leadership. If you want to achieve happiness and lead a successful and fulfilling life, here are some tools to help guide you though your journey.

The time to begin is now! Peace be with you…