A man or woman begins to live when he or she learns to live outside himself. The only man or woman with any chance of happiness is the man or woman who finds a way to serve.

– Albert Einstein

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In a world filled with self-serving people all “looking out for #1”, we want to be a community of people who live differently, who live their lives in a way that matters, that makes a difference.

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Donald Clinebell

Who we are

DONALD CLINEBELL, J.D., P.B.K. is Founder and President of The Service DrivenSM Institute, whose mission is to imagine and foster a world filled with men and women living in service to others, in every part of their lives – through home and family, through vocation, and neighbor. Service driven people live outside of themselves, and thereby discover deep meaning and great joy for themselves.

Donald is a popular speaker and published author. His first book, The Service DrivenSM Life was released in January of 2013, to rave reviews and the written endorsements of many in the fields of spiritual growth and wholeness, spirituality, and theology. The book is a powerful and moving exploration of the power of service in our lives.

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“We fear our highest possibility (as well as our lowest one). We are generally afraid to become that which we can glimpse in our most perfect moments."
-- Abraham Maslow

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october, 2016

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“I live as a servant and thereby I am changed, I am renewed”.

– Mother Teresa

How it all started:

My father listened attentively, nodding gently, but did not speak. As we finished supper, we sat together in the quiet.

After supper, the gloaming turned to dark and I read to Dad from a favorite daily reader. Sleep seemed next, and I prepared to depart for the night. But as I turned to go, Dad stirred and waved at me to return to his bedside. I sat. He smiled at me and said this: “Donald, you must write that book.” He turned upon his side and he slept–a sleep he would later describe as restful and peaceful. I left, and I too spent a restful and peaceful night.

That night was the beginning of my journey not just to write a book, but to dedicate my life to inspiring others to live a life that matters, a life of service.

Our Mission

dad 3

Service isn’t an add-on to life. Instead, it’s the core and foundation of worthiness, fulfillment, meaning, empowerment and great joy. It’s what we’re made for.

The Service DrivenSM Institute was created to foster personal growth and fulfillment, to inspire men and women to be in service to and with others and to imagine and encourage men and women not to be served but to serve.

The Service DrivenSM Institute seeks to imagine and foster a world in which service comes first—a world filled with men and women living in service to others, in every part of their lives: through home and family, vocation and neighbor. A world filled with people learning to live outside themselves and thereby finding deep meaning and great joy for themselves, empowered by service to others.

The true measure of a man or woman has nothing to do with status. Life is not about prestige; it is about passion and purpose. It is about impacting the lives of others and understanding that everything you do—yes, everything—is, or can be, a vessel for service.


Why live a Service Driven life?

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

The leadership

DONALD CLINEBELL, J.D., P.B.K., is founder and president of the Service DrivenSM Institute, whose mission is to imagine and foster a world filled with men and women living in service to others, in every part of their lives—through home and family, vocation, and neighbor. Service driven people live outside of themselves and thereby discover deep meaning and great joy.

Donald is a popular speaker and published author. His first book, The Service DrivenSM Life, is a powerful, moving exploration of the power of service in our lives. It released in January of 2013 to rave reviews and the written endorsements of many in the fields of spiritual growth and wholeness, spirituality, and theology. His second book, Extraordinary Living, will be published in March, 2016.  It is a profound and moving exploration of the power of service as the common thread in all of our lives, regardless of faith or belief system.  An empowering study of the key to extraordinary living.

Donald is the founding and managing partner of The Clinebell Law Firm in San Clemente and Santa Ana, California.

In addition to his other interests, Donald is an accomplished baritone and pianist. He’s the proud father of two grown children, Brennan and Tessa.

Donald Clinebell and Bonnie Whitney live in San Clemente, California, USA.

A word about faith and spirituality:

It is important to note that the power of service is by no means limited to a Judeo-Christian belief system. Certainly, many service driven men and women are motivated to serve as an expression of their personal faith. Others are motivated to serve purely from an internal motivation that stems from no particular religion or faith-based belief system. I’ve discovered that, regardless of the motivation behind the service, the power of living a service driven life brings benefit and blessing to both the server and the one served.

Admittedly, my personal beliefs are evident throughout the text of the book I authored, The Service DrivenSM Life. However, the purpose and goal of the Service DrivenSM Institute is not to proselytize or urge everyone to believe the same way I do.

Please know that all belief systems are welcome to join, share, celebrate and contribute to the cause of seeing a world uplifted through service.

… a world filled with men and women living in service to others at home, at work, in their communities.
… a world filled with meaning, power and love, a world even John Lennon could not have imagined.

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  1. Access to the MEMBERS ONLY Service DrivenSM Institute blog page where you can interact and communicate with the author as well as other like-minded members, engage in lively and inspiring discussions of what it means to be service driven and share stories of service ideas and projects you’ve done that will inspire and motivate others.

  2. Receive a monthly e-newsletter and biweekly inspirational reading from the Service DrivenSM Institute founder, author and speaker Donald Clinebell, designed to help you stay on the service driven track. The readings arrive early in the morning, an uplifting and joyful way to start your day.

  3. Priority access to calendaring of lectures, sermons, seminars and workshops; 20 percent discount on registration for all the Service Driven Institute seminars and workshops. (Many of Donald Clinebell’s appearances and speaking engagements carry no fee.)

You can be of service just like Janet

Janet joined a food and toy drive in her rural hometown. She recruited nine volunteers. A child in her town who had never opened a Christmas gift did so for the very first time. A child who would otherwise have gone hungry enjoyed a holiday meal with her family.

In just one town, only 10 volunteers rallied together to collect 140 boxes of food along with 140 boxes of toys. They gave one of each to 140 families averaging four family members each. That’s 140 x 4 lives changed! In a matter of two years, the program became a model for other food and toy drives in other towns, in other states and in other countries around the globe.

Hear the story in Janet’s own words …

“I believed I was nothing, worthless. My head told me exactly that and, boy, did I believe it for years—no, for decades. In my thirties, I was divorced, childless, feeling caught in a job I hated. Caught in an existence without meaning. I was severely depressed and sometimes suicidal.

“One day, I was invited to participate in a food and toy drive for a local charity. The same invitation had been given me several years running. I had consistently said ‘no.’ For some reason, this time, I said ‘yes.’ And I got to work recruiting volunteers and organizing. We served many families.

“I saw tears in the eyes of those we served. I saw humility, gratefulness, joy in a mother and her small children in my own town—my own state and country—who did not know from where their next meal was coming. After the drive was over, I realized that I had seen something else. In those I served, I had seen the face of God—my Higher Power—and suddenly, I knew it. It scared me at first, but it also gave me the quiet comfort of a Higher Power moving in my life. In my life! Extraordinary! I was driven to agree to chair the next drive and grow the project.

“Over time, and with my God’s help, I began to learn about love and compassion for others—and for myself. As I learned, and as my thinking changed, I found myself alive with love and compassion for others, overflowing with a purpose and a joy that filled me up every day—a joy I could never have imagined!”

My friends, Janet discovered the power of service and the power of the service driven life.

 And now we’d love to hear your story. Share with us an example of how you’ve been benefited and blessed or have grown from serving someone else.

Write Donald Clinebell at: theservicedrivenlife@gmail.com. He’d love to hear from you!



The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.

—Albert Schweitzer

Invite Donald Clinebell to bring service driven passion and purpose to your next event.

The following represent a sample of talks and workshops that will bring new insight, energy, and life to your next conference, luncheon, or workshop.



first slide of SDL  Serve through vocation

The Power of Service

This introductory presentation will energize, motivate and empower. It emphasizes the power of service as the common thread of meaning in our lives on this planet regardless of one’s faith or belief system, the power that brings great meaning and joy beyond measure.

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The Service DrivenSM Life: Discover the Joy

In lecture or sermon format, this session focuses on the question “Why serve?” We discover that within the truly service driven life is great joy— joy beyond measure—and we begin to embrace that joy.


Change Your Thinking, Change Your Priorities

Also available in lecture or sermon format, this presentation is a primer on how to begin, how to find your path of service. Motivational and empowering, it’s filled with concrete ways to learn how to serve in every part of our lives: home and family, vocation, and neighbor.


The Service DrivenSM Life: Serve Through Home and Family

Learn to open the floodgates of love, forgiveness and joy in your home and with your family. This session will empower you and your family to serve others with new energy and passion—and with a profound love of both self and serving. Be astounded at the flow of love and compassion for those most precious to you and for other human souls. Experience the shift that frees you to love others as the God of your understanding has loved you.


The Service DrivenSM Life: Serve Through Vocation

Learn to serve on the job as a link in a miraculous chain. No matter what you do for a living, everything can lead you to the experience of God’s love and your love for others. Indeed everything you do either is or can be a vessel for service, a pathway to the profound meaning and joy that service brings to those who serve.


Serve Neighbor as Neighbor: Go and Do Likewise

This uplifting session is devoted to learning to serve others outside of your home, just as the God of your understanding has loved you. Learn to plant literal and figurative shade trees under which you know full well you will never sit. As your service to others blossoms and grows, so does your sense of meaning and the depth and completeness of your joy.


Living with Meaning, Power and Joy: Seven Ways to Know Where the God of Your Understanding Is Leading You to Serve

Last in the series, this practical session helps you focus you on remaining service driven. Learn seven specific and practical ways, seven daily habits, to not only find your path of service but also to remain on the path of meaning, empowerment and joy without measure.



Embrace the heart of service in the way that fits you best:

The Service Driven Life – includes uniquely Christian terminology and teaching
Extraordinary Living   – presents the power of service using values-based spirituality

The Service Driven Life

The only ones among you who will be truly happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve.” – Albert Schweitzer

You’ve tried it all: therapy, self-help books, classes, yet nothing seems to work. You’re still searching for a more fulfilling life that radiates true meaning and joy.

The Service Driven Life shows you the power of service!  How to find your own personal path to meaning, empowerment and great joy, through service to others. It’s what we’re made for!  Find your own way of service, in every part of your life! Service through home and family, through vocation, and through “neighbor.” But beware! You may discover God tugging tug at your heart, changing you in quite wonderful and unexpected ways!

The time to begin is now! Peace be with you…

Extraordinary Living

A person begins to live when he learns to live outside of himself.  The only man  or woman with any chance of happiness is the man or woman who finds a way to serve.” – Albert Einstein

3d ExtLiv_CoverFINAL

How would your life be better if you woke up each day with a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment and joy for living.  That would be pretty amazing wouldn’t it?  Discover the keys to an extraordinary life — a life that matters, that makes a difference.    Discover the core and foundation of worthiness that you were made for.

Extraordinary Living reveals the true power, and empowerment, of service.  Learn to live outside of yourself, to live service driven in every part — yes, every part — of your life — at home, at work, and with your neighbor.   As you do, watch as your life become​s truly extraordinary, empowered in service to others.

The time to begin is now!

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